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Ace Retail Yamuna Expressway – Build Your Home In Developed Area

Are you looking for a commercial space or retail shop for your business? Let us tell you a new address. This is Ace Retail Yamuna Expressway a newly launched property by ACE Group. Provides retail shop space to start your new business. This project spread over 5 acres of land. This property is located in Sector 22 D Greater Noida. Moreover, this booming commercial area has attracted the attention of investors and entrepreneurs looking for high-end company possibilities.

There is already a lot of commercial space here, therefore this location promises to be quite valuable for business. This time it is being made special only for retailer shop owners, from where they can do their marketing online or create boutiques, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, etc. This is a newly launched property and is currently in high demand. market. Its facilities are different from other commercial properties. It provides you with a beautiful environment with seamless connectivity that makes working more interesting. So, let us know some features of a retail shop.

Ace Group's property is spread over 105 acres of land and 5 acres of land are allotted for retail shop and the rest of the land, for studio apartments and luxurious apartments, it is basically a mixed-use project.

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This project enjoy an enviable location right off the Yamuna Expressway, one of the region's busiest and most well-connected highways. This prime location ensures high footfall and visibility for businesses operating in the area. The proximity to major residential developments, educational institutions, and corporate offices further enhances the potential customer base.

Ace Retail Yamuna Expressway - Retail Shop Size Are Depend On Various Sector!

These retail shops are part of a vibrant commercial complex that includes retail outlets, restaurants, entertainment options, and more. This diverse mix of businesses creates a lively atmosphere, attracting shoppers and visitors from across the region. Entrepreneurs looking to tap into the retail and entertainment industry will find this location highly appealing.

Whether you're planning to open a boutique, a restaurant, a cafe, or any other retail venture. Ace Commercial Yamuna Expressway at Greater Noida offers a range of space options to suit your business needs. The flexibility in choosing the right size and layout enables businesses to optimize their operations.

The size of a retail shop depends on various factors, including the type of retail business, target market, and available budget. Basically, there is no exact answer for the maximum or minimum size of a retail shop. Boutique ranges from 500 to 2,000 square feet, Department Store range from 50,000 to 200,000 square feet or more, Supermarket/Grocery Store ranges between 10,000 and 50,000 square feet, and Shopping Malls can have multiple retail stores, ranging from small kiosks to large anchor stores, making their total size vary greatly. So, this property is located near an industrial area and nearby you will find beautiful surroundings and facilities of car parking road connections and good metro connections.

Amenities And Infrastructure

The developers of Ace Yamuna Expressway Sector 22D Greater Noida have prioritized modern amenities and infrastructure. Well-maintained common areas, ample parking facilities, 24/7 security, and power backup ensure a hassle-free business environment. This attention to detail is crucial for attracting both customers and reputable brands.

  • This project located in Sector 22D, Greater Noida, appears to be a commercial property. That also offers several attractive features and investment benefits.
  • This commercial property located in Sector 22D Greater Noida connected to Yamuna Expressway, which is prominent and well-connected to the National Capital Region (NCR). Moreover, this prime location offers excellent visibility and accessibility, making it a desirable spot for retail businesses.
  • The first priority of the ACE group is residents' security provides "hi-tech security" including CCTV surveillance, access control systems, and possibly security personnel to ensure the safety and security of the premises.
  • The latest technology features imply that the retail space equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities. This includes high-speed internet connectivity, advanced HVAC systems for climate control, and possibly smart building management systems to increase operational efficiency.
  • The property's "stunning architecture" that has been designed with aesthetics and visual appeal in mind. So, this can be an important factor in attracting customers and creating a memorable impression.


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Investment Benefits

Investing in retail shops at Ace Retail Yamuna Expressway Sector 22D, Greater Noida, presents a significant opportunity for capital appreciation. The ever-increasing demand for commercial spaces in this area is driving up property values, making it a lucrative investment option.

  • This likely refers to the advantages of investing in a retail shop in this location.
  • This commercial retail shops in prime locations, attractive rental incomes, providing a steady revenue stream for investors.
  • Properties in sought-after areas tend to appreciate in value over time, potentially offering substantial capital gains for investors.

Location Connectivity

Proximity to Yamuna Expressway located near sector 22D Greater Noida, which provides easy access to Delhi and Agra. So, the National Capital Region (NCR) conveniently connected to Greater Noida.

The nearest metro station is the Noida Sector 61, which connects Sector 22 D to the Delhi Metro network.

The area is in close proximity to various educational institutions, Noida International University, Galgotias University, Sharda University, and Gautam Buddha University.

There are hospitals and healthcare facilities nearby to cater to medical needs.

Residents also have access to shopping malls, multiplexes, and entertainment options from Ace Yamuna Expressway Greater Noida in the vicinity.

Greater Noida also boasts ample green spaces and parks, offering recreational opportunities for residents.

The region continues to see infrastructure development, improving overall connectivity and amenities.

The top places to visit in Sector 22D Greater Noida are Buddh International Circuit - 5 km, Jaypee Greens Golf Course - 6 km, India Expo Mart - 8 km, Surajpur Bird Sanctuary - 10 km, Worlds of Wonder Water Park - 12 km, Akshardham Temple - 35 km (in Delhi).

Location Map

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